Genuine Broadcasting Opportunity for Ministers

If your a minister on fire in the Holy Ghost
who shares our values of 100% surrender and obedience to Jesus Christ,
We want to work with you to reach the word with the gospel on our TV Network!
If you have a TV program, or would like to have one,
you might be surprised at how affordable it is to broadcast
with The Word Broadcasting Network into millions of homes
across America, Canada, and the world!

  • 30 Minute program once a week, $600 per month = $150 per 30 mins
  • 60 Minute Program once a week, $1200 per month = $300 per hour
  • 30 Minute Single TV Slot.- $200.

Special right NOW if you qualify: 
30 minute program airing every day, $1000 per month.
Normal price $4500 a month! Only 15 slots available! 

For more information download our media kit for broadcasters here (PDF format )

please contact us at

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