Dear Broadcaster:
We are excited to have you join The Revival Channel. There are nine very important issues that we must share with you. We would ask that you would read this entire letter in order that there will not be any misunderstandings. I am sure that you realize already that The Revival Channel is dedicated to bringing forth the powerful truths of God’s word in the area of Repentance, Holiness, the Divine character of God, and our responsibilities as the representatives of Jesus Christ. We do not restrict any biblical truths from being declared on TRC. However, if a minister begins to declare that gain is Godliness, or begins preaching a materialistic doctrine or a message that allows people to think that they can continue in their sin and still go to Heaven, that particular minister will no longer be allowed to broadcast with this network. Please do not misunderstand us, we love that minister and will continue to pray for him. But we cannot allow the propagation of a gospel that will damn the souls of men to hell.


No.1 Your monthly sponsorship must be sent in no later than 15 days before the new month. Please understand that we have to pay the broadcasting companies one month in advance. Please send the amount that is indicated upon your sponsorship bill. If there are any discrepancies do not hesitate to contact us at

No. 2 The format of your program should be either DVD or downloadable files unless otherwise agreed upon previously. If there is a different format that you would like to use we might have the ability to help you, please contact our office first. Please no count downs to the beginning of your program, or color bars. It is allowable to have a black space at the beginning and ending.

No. 3 Please be sure that your program is in our possession seven days before it is to air. There are two different addresses that you may use. The first address is (Jesus is Lord, P.O. Box 115, Cashtown, PA 17310) the second address is (Jesus is Lord, 3425 Chambersburg Road, Biglerville, PA 17307). If your program does not arrive in time to be aired we will still have to charge you for that time slot.

No. 4 If your program is a 30-minute program then its length needs to be 28 minutes and 30 seconds. If your program is one hour then it needs to be fifty-eight minutes and 30 seconds.

No. 5 If you would like your program returned to your address please include three dollars extra per tape or DVD in order to cover the shipping and handling cost. If you would like to put more than one program on DVD this is allowed. Please make sure that you clearly labeled the dates, the length of the program, and the names of the program on the file or DVD.

No. 6 You are not restricted from asking for financial support, offering books, tapes, videos, or teaching materials. However please do not offer any kind of holy relics, jewelry, or other types of trinkets. We do not allow on our network promises of people being delivered from financial bondage by supporting your program, or ministry. Broadcasting by TV should not have anything to do with money, but about helping people make sure that they are right with God. We have kept your financial responsibility with The Revival Channel way below the normal cost so that you would not need to be overly concerned about the finances.

No.7 Your program will be broadcasting through also by  IP TV setup boxes, ROKU box, the Omnibox, the android phone market, iPad/iPhone/IPod market, blackberry and live streaming & internet TV.
The program log will be listed on our website. If you have a website we will have a hyperlink behind the name of your program, which when people click will take them right to your web site. There is tremendous potential in the Internet because it reaches around the world. People from all nations will be able to watch the programs of The Revival Channel. A lot of that traffic will be directed to your web site. We ask that you place a hyperlink from your web site to ours in order to facilitate a coming together of people of like precious faith. There will be a button at our website that you will be able to copy with the hyperlink on it in order to place it upon your web site. We strongly suggest that you carry your web site information on your TV program.

No. 8. At this moment we are endeavoring to have our programming picked up by as many possible outlets as possible. We will continue to keep you updated as more avenues develop.

No. 9 We are still looking for ministers who are preaching an uncompromising message of the true purpose of God in the earth, if you know of any ministers who do not already have a national platform, who are preaching a message of Holiness, Repentance, Obedience, and Loving God, we would love to be in contact with them. Please supply us with their name, addresses and telephone number.

Thank you so much for your time and willingness to read this letter. We are headed into very exciting days, and thank God for the opportunity he has given to us to provide to you a platform by which you will be able to speak to the nations.

Dr. Michael H. Yeager

P.S. Please send your sponsorship right away so that we can secure your time slot!