Here are some suggestions and information for hardware, software, production and file delivery methods for your program.

1. A Good Camera (High Definition suggested but not required)
A suggested low end camera:
*High end quality cameras available at CLICK HERE

2. Software for video editing
On pc we suggest Cyberlink PowerDirector 17 Ultra (latest version) CLICK HERE

For PC either have your own (suggest a good computer from last 3 years – 4 or more core processor)
or find a person into computers who will be willing to edit your videos for you.

3. Delivery Methods:
Programs must be 28:30 for half hour or 58:30 for hour

For delivery we suggest either:

USB Thumb Drive
SD Card

Or upload and send via a cloud service such as dropbox or skydrive

Skydrive (costs money)

If sending as a file please read this:
Also when editing video files please make sure they are 28:30 minutes long exactly with no more than a 2 second blank in beginning or at end of file. No countdowns or color bars or extra at end of program.

4. Cost Involved:
$75 sponsorship for half hour or $150 for hour. If shipping hard copies (DVD, Thumb drives or sd card) and you want them sent back to you please include money to return.

We can do the editing and even recording of your program see below.
We can record and edit programs for you!
For more info click on OUR SERVICES